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Pro Mastery, Melbourne

March 19 - 20, 2024 

Deposit to Secure Your Spot: AUD 1,000

Balance Payment: AUD 1,000

(Balance to be by February 25, 2024)

Prerequisites - NEOLIFTING® THE FOUNDATION certificate

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About The NeoLifting® Pro Mastery Program


NEOLIFTING® workshop is all about your growth - as a professional, as a therapist, as a compassionate human being. We are happy to see you again and look forward to spending this special day in your presence. We do hope you will use this opportunity to extend your skills and reach new heights in your own practice of NEOLIFTING® art. Our goal is to see you succeeding and to make your professional career flourishing! We want you to be the best version of yourself and share it with the world!

After the training you will:

Feel more confident as NEOLIFTING® practitioner

Be equipped with deeper practical knowledge and better understanding of human emotions which are blocking us from expressing ourselves and hindering our true potential;

Learn more about the therapist's intention whilst working with clients and the trilogy of Connection. Attention. Intention.

Have a better understanding of the seamless flow concept in NEOLIFTING®

Have a competitive advantage in the industry

Receive a Certificate of Attendance from PRO- AGE Aesthetics Academy (London)

Program Schedule - Day 1

Meet & Greet

9am - 9.30am

  • Class registration

  • Meditation and Mindfulness practice

Q & A session

9.30am - 10.30am

We begin with answering questions that come along the way  or have occurred during your period of practice. This is an  important phase of the training because each practitioner is  invited to share their concerns, challenging cases and  successes; and together we impact each other in the best  possible way whilst making our practice of NEOLIFTING®  more effective.

Training session

10.30am - 1pm

Our training starts with extremely thorough and careful  observation of each participant's performance of NEOLIFTING® and correction of their mistakes and body  posture.

Lunch Break

1pm - 2pm

Theory Presentation

2pm - 3pm

NEOLIFTING® - The Art of Touch. Understanding neuroscience of touch and The Wheel of Consent concept.

Training Session

3pm - 6pm

Understanding critical physiological changes which impact facial aesthetics and how to correct those. Practical  application of theory and advanced moves.

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Program Schedule - Day 2

Morning Meditation and
Neurogymnastics for Therapists

9am - 10am

Therapist care tricks & protocols.

Training Session

10am - 1pm

Practical application of NEOLIFTING® advanced techniques.

Lunch Break

1pm - 2pm

Theory Presentation

2pm - 2.30pm

Training Session

2.30pm - 5.30pm

Complete revision of NEOLIFTING® PRO treatment protocol techniques. Assessment of practices.

Graduation & Photos

5.30pm - 6pm

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What You Need To Know

Training Schedule
  • 9am to 6pm with one hour lunch break.

  •  EARLY DEPARTURES ARE NOT ALLOWED. You are expected to be present in the class at stated times. If you are travelling from out of town, please consider your travel arrangements carefully.

What's Included In The Course Fees
  • Two full days of intensive hands-on practical training ana theory on NEOLIFTING® with principal trainers of PAAA.

  • All course materials and printed manuals.

  • Certificate of Attendance to successful graduates.

  • Additional perks revealed to attendees - prepare to be positively surprised!

What's Not Included
  • Your course fees do not cover your accommodation, travel, food or any other personal expenses.

We Reccommend
  • Please bring extra towel, blanket or throw to cover yourself and keep warm during practical sessions.

  • A water bottle is encouraged to stay hydrated.

  • A negative PCR test done within the last 72 hours, or negative RAT test done in class are MANDATORY.

Little Things That Make
A Big Difference


In order to provide you with the best learning experience, you are expected to show up in class on time and remain until the class has finished. Late arrivals, early departures and talking in the class are disruptive for the teaching process, so let's be respectful to your trainers and fellow students, Please wear comfortable clothes which are easy to remove for practical sessions. Layers are ideal as temperature in the classroom might fluctuate.If you have sensitive skin, or any allergies, please make sure you have your own makeup removing products, and a massage balm.If you are sick, or have a cold, flu, high fever, coldsore or are pregnant, please contact an organiser of the seminar or training staff immediately.

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