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"Education is not learning of facts, but training of the mind to think."

Albert Einstein



At PRO-AGE AESTHETICS ACADEMY we strive to set a bench mark in continuous professional education for professionals in the beauty and massage industries.


That's why we have partnered with UK's largest and leading independent Certification Service CPD UK and received an Accredited Partner status for our organisation.

All our courses are going through rigorous assessment process to ensure integrity and quality of the educational material, streamlined course delivery and expertise of our tutors. Our students and their employers can rest assured that their investment in our training will pay off and result in maintaining sustainable and competitive advantage. 

We pride ourselves on delivering accredited, innovative, structured, and heart-centered training which enhances your career, mindset and revenue.

But more so, our mission is to create a network of accredited holistic beauty professionals who are as passionate about their own growth and development, as the community’s that they serve. 


In our day and age of exhilarating digital presence, artificial intelligence, introduction of robots with the idea to replace human interaction in certain areas of life, there are things that machines cannot replicate - emotional intelligence, the power of human touch and innovation. Machines cannot replicate the level of emotional involvement that therapists share with their clients. That’s why our goal is to really advance our students to prepare them for the future which is only possible when professionalism, psychological safety and compassion are in sync. These are the golden criteria which will see you through any turbulent times and propel your career to the heights you’ve always dreamed of!

Through certified programs, hands-on training and continued community support for the beauty graduates, PRO-AGE AESTHETICS ACADEMY intends to empower women to complete financial independence and running a heart-centered business, embracing their values and growing as individuals.

Advance Your Career

Gone are the days when just being a good practitioner was enough. To be a sought-after therapist today means offering modern techniques, innovative procedures, effective formulations,  results-oriented treatments coupled with bespoke service, compassionate care and understanding human nature. Furthermore, in our digital age it is crucial to be a pro at handling marketing and social media to help more clients find you. We believe that effective education today should address the following principles:

  • Scientifically proven techniques

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Effective marketing strategy

  • Recognised and accredited certification

  • Supportive post-graduation environment

PRO-AGE AESTHETICS ACADEMY offers certified e-learning courses, live events, seminars and workshops in NeoLifting (c) technique, Aromatherapy for Spa Setting, Facial Anatomy, Wellness and Lifestyle coaching as well as short wellness and self-rejuvenation courses for anyone looking for effective solutions in living and looking their best. 

Do not miss your opportunity to be part of a new generation of beauty leaders!

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