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Art of NeoLifting®
A Revolutionary Approach to Beauty

NeoLifting® Protocol

NeoLifting® is a revolutionary technique that goes beyond physical aesthetics and delves into the psycho-emotional state of an individual, offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.


As a beauty and wellness professional, you know that beauty is more than skin deep. 


Through NeoLifting®, you don’t just improve your clients superficial physical appearance, but also influence their emotional state and empower them to feel, believe, perceive, and understand their beauty from the inside out.

The Power of NeoLifting®

NeoLifting® is more than just a beauty technique; it's a transformative technique that enhances both physical appearance and psycho-emotional well-being.


It works by manipulating facial muscles, while positively influencing the psycho-emotional state and the nervous system. 


This innovative procedure acts as a non-invasive facelift technique that offers a powerful alternative to injectables, and not only reduces wrinkles, but also improves skin tone and elasticity, contours the facial oval and defines cheekbones.

Phases of NeoLifting® Protocol


Benefits of NeoLifting®

Non-Invasive Facelift

Achieve effects similar to plastic surgery without the risks or side effects, all in a relaxing state.

Passive Fitness

Trains your facial muscles with minimal effort, all done by your therapist.

Anti-Stress Effect

Helps eliminate psycho-emotional blocks and cope with stress, promoting emotional freedom.

Rejuvenation Without Injection

Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles by deeply relaxing or toning facial muscles, maintaining natural facial expressions.

Deep Relaxation of Facial Musculature

Uses slow, mindful movements to deeply relax facial muscles for long-lasting results.


Triggers metabolic processes in the skin and tissues of the face and the whole body, promoting detoxification and skin elasticity.

Improved Skin Quality

Enhances oxygenation, blood circulation, and tissue nourishment, resulting in smooth and supple skin.

Therapeutic Effect

Provides therapeutic effects for pathologies of facial muscles and/or facial nerves and helps reduce the duration of chronic diseases.

Light Osteopathic Effect

Impacts muscle attachments to the bone and bone sutures, addressing age-related structural changes.

Improved Facial Posture

Balances facial lines to mold the face within the boundaries of youthful appearance and natural structure, resulting in a happier, healthier, and younger you.

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Regulates Nervous System

Stabilizes the nervous system, encouraging the body's natural relaxation response. This regulation reduces tension, promotes calmness, and enhances your capacity to handle stress.

Lowers Cortisol Levels

Reduces cortisol levels, contributing to stress reduction, a sense of well-being, and balance in the body's biochemistry for overall health enhancement.

Why Choose NeoLifting®

NeoLifting® is more than a beauty technique. It's a holistic approach to wellness that can elevate your practice, offering your clients a unique experience that harmonizes their physical appearance with their emotional well-being. 

As a beauty and wellness professional, NeoLifting® certification not only adds a powerful tool to your repertoire but also positions you at the forefront of innovative wellness practices.

Experience the NeoLifting® Difference

Enroll for a program and get certified in the NeoLifting© technique.

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NeoLifting® In-Person

Explore our In-Person NeoLifting® program at a city near you. Join immersive, hands-on sessions led by expert trainers.

NeoLifting® Online

Learn NeoLifting® at your own pace with our Interactive or Self-Study online programs. Access study materials online, with complete distant learning support.


Get an Introduction to NeoLifting®

Get Instant Access to a FREE Video Lesson from the NeoLifting© Accredited Online Course

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