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The procedure of NeoLifting© transforms the traditional approach to beauty in the industry which is dominated by invasive techniques, plastic surgeries, injectables, and the use of various toxic substances to delay the ageing process. Being at the forefront of holistic approach in the field of modern beauty, it aims to prove that there is a way to beauty without pain. This treatment gives the prolonged lifting effect to the face, neck, and décolleté without side effects and the risks of complications.


NeoLifting© propels the internal resources of the body for natural rejuvenation and recovery. It calms down the nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases the microcirculation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, normalizes cellular respiration, activates metabolism and tissue nourishment improving the skin trophic.


The secret to the success of the technique lies in the deep understanding of how the facial muscles work and applying this fundamental knowledge to practice - our therapists work both superficially on the face and inside the oral cavity, use mindful breathing techniques and efficient manual lymphatic drainage.


As a result, muscles come back to their healthy tonus, facial posture improves and skin becomes smooth, returning the face to its natural shape.


Overall, NeoLifting© produces such positive results:


  • facial muscles relax and muscle tone returns to normal;


  • helps muscle recovery, restores facial posture by balancing three horizontal lines – menton, glabella and trichion;


  • eliminates spasms and blockages;


  • enables metabolism and tissue nourishment;


  • appearance and elasticity of the skin improves via stimulation of skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.


Due to its holistic approach, NeoLifting© views the relationship between lymphatic, circulatory, immune, and nervous systems as an essential component to health and maintaining longevity.

Its' not about anti-aging. It's all about better aging and the quality of YOUR life!


Why NeoLifting?


Gone are the days when facial massage techniques were reserved for high-end Beverly Hills salons, celebrities and the Royal Family members. Today, having effective manual procedures as part of your spa menu is a must. As society grows deeper into appreciation of wholesome way of living, more and more women and men choose holistic approach to maintain their youthful appearance, overall well-being, and combat age-related changes.  

That's where NeoLifting© fits in perfectly. Adding this exclusive treatment to the list of your services will attract a fresh stream of high-paying clients who care about their well-being and understand that there are no quick fixes when it comes to health, clients who understand that staying young and active requires commitment and mindful approach, clients who look at the value rather than price

At PRO-AGE Aesthetics Academy we see our mission in helping you grow as a therapist in every possible way - from equipping you with the best practical skills and innovative methods, through to handling marketing and social media, maturing personally and creating the solid financial grounds you so deserve. We want our graduates to take pride in their craft and value their skills accordingly. Sounds like you?

Impressive Results 



Visible changes after the very first session

Erase years off your client's face


Smooth out those wrinkles

Define the oval line


Brought to you by PRO-AGE Aesthetics Academy Ltd

The Academy proudly brings NeoLifting© technique training to the therapists from all corners of the globe. This training aims to introduce professionals working in the field of beauty, spa and massage as well as holistic health and wellness practitioners to the world of pain-free beauty.

Official Accreditation

17_11_2021, 7_15_29 pm.jpg

Sadly, with the up rise of e-training platforms and international travel, development of Instagram and social media in general, fake comments and bought followers, it became easy for various fraudsters to cross the borders and portray themselves as "experts" to sell all sorts of trainings to good-hearted and hard-working therapists like you. They come, do the training, issue a piece of paper called "certificate", collect their money and leave. No obligations, no responsibility. Negative comments get carefully deleted. Filming a movie or an Instagram reel with attractive hands pa requires no industry knowledge and no responsibility.

We get it - falling a victim to such fraudsters is easy. That's why we take enormous pride in the fact that PRO-AGE Aesthetics Academy Ltd is an accredited continuous professional education training provider with CPD UK. There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes to bring you quality training. For you it means:

  • No dodgy practices

  • No false certificates

  • No mediocre training

  • YES to professionalism of our tutors

  • YES to accredited high-standard training

  • YES to post-graduate support

  • YES to honest and ethical approach to business

  • YES to scientifically proven knowledge and tested techniques

  • YES to streamlined acceptance of your new skills by Insurance Providers

  • YES to CPE points to maintain your Association Membership

During the class time we will be discussing the ways how you can protect yourself in the future and easily determine if the trainer you wish to get your certificate from is a charlatan or a real deal. The truth always lies on the surface. Be mindful with your trust and money.



Sara Loining, UnShackleBeauty, Australia

Tatiana has an incredible passion for what she does, she teaches her skills to every student as if its a private lesson to every individual. Through her passionate teaching and such nurturing nature I learned in depth information, and I still carry her teachings with me, to then becoming very successful myself, with an always self belief , that was given to me by Tatiana.


Yelena Serebryakova,
Lena Wild, UK

The course was very insightful, professional and engaging. I loved the technique, advice and support we all received. This course had a large group, however, Tatiana was incredible at being attentive to everyone's needs... You can notice right away her experience, passion and ability to coach therapists and entrepreneurs. 


Ghada Saleh,
Ghada Saleh Institute, Lebanon

It was such a great experience in my life learning this unique technique of face lifting massage. It helps me a lot to shift my business to a higher level and more revenue. The course was intensive and I learned a lot about facial anatomy as well as the technique that works on each muscle and how to lift each muscle as well as how to release the tensions from facial expressions. All my clients are so happy and satisfied and they feel younger and relaxed at the same time. A great technique for spa owners.

Hear From Our Founders

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