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Introduction to NeoLifting©

Non-invasive Manual Aesthetics Technique for Face Massage, Lifting & Skin Rejuvenation

For professional beauty, spa and massage therapists, holistic health and wellness practitioners

11th September, 2022 at 4:00 PM London

What is NeoLifting©


NeoLifting© is a holistic in-demand beauty treatment that uses Face Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to address age-related visual concerns by toning, strengthening and relaxing the main facial muscles, as well as affecting the selected bones of the skull. This transformational treatment is viewed as an alternative to traditional beauty treatments like plastic surgeries, injectables, and the use of various toxic substances to delay the aging process. 


The success of this highly specialised treatment lies in the deep understanding of how the facial muscles work and applying this fundamental knowledge to practice - our therapists work both superficially on the face and inside the oral cavity, use mindful breathing techniques and efficient manual lymphatic drainage to achieve natural lifting effect, improve muscle tone, release muscle tension, stimulate natural rejuvenation processes and melt away wrinkles.

NeoLifting© Transformations

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One of the most significant benefits of NeoLifting© that reaches way beyond just physical appearance is the influence on the psycho-emotional state of an individual through manipulations with facial mimic and masticatory muscles. What could be more rewarding to the therapist than to see their clients not only looking younger and fresher, but feeling fabulous, lighter, and happier after the treatment? Pronounced aesthetic changes in the client’s appearance following the NeoLifting© treatment (for example, diminished wrinkles, contoured facial oval, defined cheekbones, improved skin tone and elasticity) result in a positive emotional response, encourage self-acceptance and improve client’s overall psycho-emotional state.


Due to its holistic approach, NeoLifting© views the relationship between lymphatic, circulatory, immune, and nervous systems as an essential component to health, maintaining longevity, looking and feeling young.

Its' not about anti-aging. It's all about better aging and the quality of YOUR life!

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Why NeoLifting©


Attract more customers with this in-demand treatment for natural skin rejuvenation


Add an extra stream of revenue for your spa and wellness business with quick ROI


Learn Face Massage & Lymphatic Drainage techniques that deliver powerful results

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Introduction to Pro-Age Aesthetics Academy


Meet & Greet with Founders


Introduction to NeoLifting©


Philosophy Behind NeoLifting©



Holistic Wellness, Beauty, & Skincare


NeoLifting© Benefits & Use Cases


Live Demo of NeoLifting© Techniques


Therapist Care Foundations


NeoLifting© Revenue Models

...and so much more!

Meet Your Instructors

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Uma Ghosh

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Tatiana Vorontsova

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