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NeoLifting©️ Facelift Massage
Accredited Online Course

Exclusive training for professional beauty, spa and massage therapists, holistic health and wellness practitioners, and related specialists

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Brought to you by PRO-AGE Aesthetics Academy Ltd

The Academy proudly brings NeoLifting© technique training to the therapists from all corners of the globe. This training aims to introduce professionals working in the field of beauty, spa and massage as well as holistic health and wellness practitioners to the world of pain-free beauty. Receive internationally recognised certificate endorsed by CPD UK (London),

What is NeoLifting©

NeoLifting© is a holistic in-demand beauty treatment that uses Face Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to address age-related visual concerns by toning, strengthening and relaxing the main facial muscles, as well as affecting the selected bones of the skull. This transformational treatment is viewed as an alternative to traditional beauty treatments like plastic surgeries, injectables, and the use of various toxic substances to delay the aging process. 


The success of this highly specialised treatment lies in the deep understanding of how the facial muscles work and applying this fundamental knowledge to practice - our therapists work both superficially on the face and inside the oral cavity, use mindful breathing techniques and efficient manual lymphatic drainage to achieve natural lifting effect, improve muscle tone, release muscle tension, stimulate natural rejuvenation processes and melt away wrinkles.

Impressive Results 



Visible changes after the very first session

Erase years off your client's face


Smooth out those wrinkles

Define the oval line


NeoLifting©️ Accredited Online Course

A 6 week immersive training, during which you will:

Course Modules

Week 1

* What is NeoLifting©
* Benefits of NeoLifting©
* Client positioning
* Therapist working position and ergonomics
* Facial Anatomy PDF
* Contraindications 
* Client Intake Form PDF

Week 2

* Manual Lymphatic Drainage introduction 
* Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Breathwork
* Benefits of Breathing
* Benefits of Meditation

Week 3

* Sculpting and Modelling massage introduction
* Décolleté, neck and lower face protocol
* Emotions and Facial Expressions - Their Impact on Our Ageing PDF

Week 4

* Middle face and upper face massage protocol
* Bonus PDF: Classification of different facial types of ageing and best treatment practices

Week 5

* Buccal massage protocol
* Head massage introduction
* Head massage protocol
* Hands Massage for therapists
* Bonus PDF: How to restore and maintain your energy in between treatments

Week 6

* Marketing is the key to success
* How to get rid of Imposter Syndrome
* Heart-centred Business
* How to be confident in your own skin
* How to create content and market it right


Post-Graduation Benefits of Training at our Academy

Study Materials

Take home all manuals, forms and PDF materials

Are you ready to be the miracle worker?

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To make it easier for you, here are some short demo videos from the training programme 

What our graduates say:

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