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Empowering Beauty Leaders

Academy for beauty, spa and massage professionals offering cutting edge, quality continuous education and empowering beauty leaders. Our training gives you the skills that last forever.

Your future begins now.


PRO-AGE AESTHETICS ACADEMY is a new generation training provider in the field of aesthetics and wellness.

Although our office is registered in London, UK, and our company is accredited by CPD UK, our vision is beyond boundaries. PAAA is dedicated to provide quality continuous professional development services to beauty, spa and massage therapists worldwide. We offer innovative educational programmes in various modalities in the field of manual aesthetic, wellness, lifestyle, aromatherapy and nutrition; and mentoring our students how to bridge the gap between business-driven mentality and heart-based values embracing the true leaders inside, helping them to emerge and shine bright.

Click below to learn about Academy's ethos and privileges that you will get as our graduate. 


Why Us

At PRO-AGE AESTHETICS ACADEMY we are committed to giving you the in-depth practical knowledge and upgrading your existing skills with innovative non-invasive  techniques sourced from around the world, so that no matter where you are located, you could get your hands on the best practices in the field of aesthetics and wellness.  On top of that, our training programmes also focus on the importance of the therapist’s relationship with themselves, their ability to see their own internal barriers and, most importantly, the potential which expands when those barriers are removed. Our students learn to be that special someone who cares for human behind the client, to be that haven of psychological safety, trust and compassion combined with absolute confidence in themselves, their practical skills and their mission.

Our trainers have years of experience teaching students worldwide. To ensure that our courses are of the highest educational standard, PRO-AGE AESTHETICS ACADEMY has become an accredited training provider with CPD UK.

Training is provided via online platform, at live events worldwide, and mixed format. Click below to advance your career to the new heights!

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